An organic movement of people drawn to see the weak and vulnerable with God's eyes, and respond by faith with practical love.

About Mercy's Refuge

We're excited about the opportunity to share our passion with you! Thank you for taking the time to read more about Mercy's Refuge.

Love Locks over the Danube River. In the background is Petrovaradin fortress, which roughly means, rock of well defended faith. It's our prayer that God wears Novi Sad as a love lock on his heart, strengthening her to be a rock of well defended faith.

The Call:

Mercy's Refuge is about envisioning and partnering with the mercy of God extended to the people of Serbia. It's about making friends. It's about praying for God's kingdom come in a region God has laid on our hearts. We believe the body of Christ is called to love the most vulnerable and we seek to do that in Serbia in practical ways.

In the fall of 2011 Beck began praying to understand God's heart better and to see people with his eyes. At the time she was unaware of the needs of disabled orphan's around the world, particularly in Europe. In early 2012, as God's passion unfolded, Beck's attention was drawn to the needs of people living in mental institutions in Serbia. Compelled to see for herself what the true living conditions were she joined with her long time friend, Nichole, to visit the Dom Veternik mental institution.

The Need:

What they found there burdened their hearts. Dom Veternik is an institution serving 600 residents with varying disability and need. The staff are professional men and women caring diligently for the needs of their residents. Unfortunately, the resources and number of staff available is insufficient to adequately care for the needs of all of the residents. While some children and adults become self sufficient, many residents are not able to make the progress they are capable of because of a lack of funding and staff.

Immobile children in Dom Veternik

Residents with mobility issues playing games at Dom Veternik 
Beck and Nichole developed a passion and love for not only the residents of Dom Veternik, but also for the staff who work in challenging circumstances, as well as for the country of Serbia. While in Novi Sad they also met Gordana Radeka, the founder of Nova Zena, a women's ministry providing hope and care for abused women in Novi Sad. It was obvious the women had been drawn together as a part of God's movement of mercy to Novi Sad's most needy. We encourage you to learn more about their ministry and how you can be involved.

The Response:

We believe that God is serious about his instruction to his followers, "that pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you." (James 1:27) Because we were once far from God, but graciously have been adopted into his family by the love and salvation of Jesus, we are compelled to show compassion to those in need. It is God's love, expressed to us through his son Jesus, that compels us.

Beck making new friends

When they returned home Beck and Nichole knew they wouldn't be the same, Serbia was a part of their hearts. Shortly after Debbi Stambaugh, and Kim Zeirlien were drawn to join the team. Mercy's Refuge was begun as a response to participate in the mercy of God extended to all people, including people with disability. Mercy's Refuge is in the early stages of applying for non-profit status. As we seek to join in the movement of God in Serbia with support, resources, and hope to the vulnerable people of Serbia we would be happy of your partnership in prayer, giving, and going. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our ministry.

Mercy's Refuge Team:

Beck Gambill
Nichole Farmer
Debbi Stambaugh
Kim Zierlein


  • To pray for God's mercy and goodness to impact the vulnerable people of Serbia, for God's presence to unify and grow his church, and for his name to be glorified in the whole country.
  • To provide hope and encouragement to the staff of Dom Veternik and possibly other institutions in Serbia.
  • To partner with the staff in providing practical resources and care to the residents when possible.
  • To raise awareness of the value of all life and remind Christians of our responsibility to care for the vulnerable.

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