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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ready, Set, Go!

Summer is in full swing and I'm counting down the days until I travel to Novi Sad, Serbia! I hope to have a friend, Heather Guy, travel with me this year. We leave July 19th!

While I'm in Novi Sad I will join my friends Gordana Radeka and Vesna Radeka in presenting a seminar at the SOZO worship festival. The seminar, Hearts of Compassion, will give us the opportunity to talk about the social issues of abortion, domestic abuse and human trafficking, and care for the disabled community. We believe offering mercy to the vulnerable makes us all stronger.

We will also interact with the staff of Dom Veternik mental institution. Our goal is to build relationships and encourage them in their work. It's so important that they know they are cared for and not forgotten.

I hope that as we build these relationships with the church community and staff that we will all be able to work together in addressing the problems facing people with disability. That they will receive the support they need and our hearts will grow in love and compassion for all of humanity.

My heart is confident and joyful that God has allowed me to travel this journey, but it isn't easy. Our little family is in transition as we wait to close on a new house and move. Due to delayed paperwork there's a very real possibility that we will move and I will almost immediately leave for Serbia. That's just a bit stressful on this mama!

Your prayers as we prepare to travel are so appreciated!

  • Will you pray with us that God will provide the money for both Heather and myself to travel. My trip is mostly funded but Heather still has a ways to go. Also we would like to take financial gifts to bless Christian ministries while we are there. 
  • Pray that God would prepare our hearts and the hearts of those we encounter, that Jesus will be glorified and people will see his love in us! 
  • Pray for wisdom, confidence, and courage as we step out in faith. Serbia is very far, and it takes every once of dependence on Jesus for me to step so far outside of my comfort zone. 

If you are interested in helping us with travel expenses you can send a check made out to Beck Gambill or use the PayPal button on this page. You are also welcome to send a gift to help Gordana in her ministry to abused women or to Vesna as she reaches out to women in crisis pregnancies or recovering from abortion. You can donate for their ministries through PayPal or with a check as well, just note who you would like it used for.

Thank you for lifting up my arms in prayer and encouragement and for believe with me that God is faithful!

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