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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We all need Relationship

I've typed and retyped this blog post for weeks. But fear kept snatching the words away. I've moved forward in the process of filing for a non-profit status. It's slow, but forward movement just the same. The process makes me feel little and inadequate. I feel that way a lot these days. But I don't suppose that's such a bad thing.

The reality is I am pretty little and have few tangible resources. Stripped right down to it though the dearest and best thing we have to offer another human being in need, and let's face it that really is pretty much all of us, is just ourselves.

I don't think we can get away from that fact. We could give people money or stuff but what's really needed is for us to be present. Actually that's what I found to be the most lacking at Dom Veternik, enough people.

What began as a search for answers turned into a search for relationship. Mercy's Refuge is about loving the people of Dom Veternik.. We all want to know that we're not alone.

The children and adults are hungry to be touched, to know that they're seen and heard, to feel a moment of love. Honestly I think it's the greatest gift that can be given to them, more important than wheelchairs or more space. They need relationship. And while the staff works hard to care for them all there just aren't enough hands to go around.

If I lived in Novi Sad I would seek them out to be with them. I would choose them for my neighbors. Intuitively I know that this is a thin place, it's where meaning is weighed out.

Perhaps I haven't written for a while because I don't always know who I'm writing to or how to ask you the reader to be involved. All I can say is lean in and let's watch and learn about presence together. If you stick around long enough I believe we will discover what is possible when life takes shape and is lived in unexpected places.

The children and adults of Dom Veternik do need new beds and wheelchairs, food and clothes. But what they really need is relationship. That's what I want us to explore being a part of. How can we be a catalyst for relationship? Whether it's volunteers, more staff, foster or adoptive families the gift I most want to give the residents of Dom Veternik is relationship.

Do you have ideas you would like to share about how to make that a reality? I'd love to hear about them, feel free to comment below or send me and email!


  1. I am praying that we catalyst sponsor children with drawn, letters written, maybe even leading to adoption. I recently watched the Christy series again. I loved how the children of Appalachian Mtns. were connected through letters. Emails are convenient but there is something in literally handwritten words!

    1. Sponsorship is something I plan on looking into in July. I would love to talk to you about it before I go!


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