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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Show Up

I dreamed a dream a year ago. Pieced together from photographs, videos, and testimonials. My sleep was haunted by children languishing in sorrow, lined up in rows of cribs. What could I do? One person so far away, to find out the truth, to make a difference? But my dreams haunted me, and I had to know for certain.

In October my friend Nichole and I traveled to Dom Veternik mental institution (thanks to the exceptional generosity of family and friends) in search of the truth. We discovered the truth is complex and often leads to more questions. What we found was expected, and yet not what we expected. Certainly there are children and adults living with profound disabilities, many in conditions we would consider inferior. I realized though that in a world of not enough, of suffering, sometimes we use the wrong standard to measure by. Sometimes in a world with a short supply of love and resources to go around, a little actually goes a long way.

Even though the number of staff available to care for the residents is terribly inadequate, due to many reasons, the amount of affection and care was surprising. Love in unexpected places always shines more brightly.
A sweet resident and the physical therapist.
My dreams have been replaced with real faces. Even though I still grieve the burden life has laid heavily across the frail backs of some, I dream a new dream, I dream of hope. The goodness God has woven into every human heart, and the sorrow that life often scrawls across mankind's story, meshes into a bright ray. I doubt our trip uncovered the whole story. Every society struggles to deal with it's own weakness, embodied in it's most vulnerable. But it's a starting place. For now it's enough. Because next we have to wrestle with the question, "now what?"

I wish we could say we had an amazing plan, a trust fund, unlimited resources. But we're learning to be content with showing up and resting in the hope that God is leading. Right now the plan is to make friends and we're thankful!


  1. This looks great , Beck . So excited about this that it takes my breath away!! Letting God out of my box .

  2. Woohoo! God is way more crazy than I've given him credit for but then I realize his way is best and it's me that's crazy! So glad to be journeying with you!

  3. A minister came from Africa one day where there was an orphanage of babies who needed holding - who had lost their parents to aids and other things. I remember thinking, I could do that - I could go hold babies, rock them, love them, pray for them as I held them. How you are pursuing the mission God put on your heart just warms my heart - praying for you and cheering you on!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! It can be challenging, and scary, but God's faithfulness is compelling!


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