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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Everyone Has Value

I met Jennifer about five years ago. Most people in our church were friendly to her. But occasionally she was just tolerated or even ignored. Jennifer has Down syndrome. On top of that, as a young woman, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Jennifer took a liking to me and I her. Over time, as I observed other's interaction with Jennifer, I wondered if we were all missing something important. What if God wanted to use Jennifer to teach us essential truths about ourselves and about His nature? So I asked him.

As I prayed, “God show me your purpose for Jennifer in my life and the life of our community,” my eyes began to open. Certainly we are meant to provide protection, care, and honor for the weak ones among us. But I realized Jennifer has a role also, she's God's opportunity for us to exercise our heart muscle. She makes us better. We are meant for each other.

What if instead of just tolerating people like Jennifer we see them as indispensable members of our community? What if we realize we would be weaker and incomplete, without them? What if we embrace the opportunity to elevate people with physical and mental disability to a status of importance? How might we be better, more loving, wiser people?

We have the opportunity to set the example. During social activities, instead of sitting with the person who's most popular, we want to impress, or are most comfortable with, lets choose to sit next to a person with special needs, who is often misunderstood or left out. Let's find ways to encourage their participation in our activities and lives. Let's encourage their families and put them at ease around us. Even better let's offer to help relieve their families of some of their extra care duties once in a while.

When we value each person God has placed in our communities, God will be honored, needs will be met, and our heart muscles will grow. Let's ask God to give us eyes to see others with eyes of love, to purify our motives, and give us compassion!


  1. This morning's prayer was one that kept me searching for true brokenness that I do not see my self as the victim, but see others who are unable to help themselves as victims of true neglect by Christ's body in the here and now.

  2. Beck,
    You've got to guest post over at my place. I love your words. For real, let's chat about a time when you can tell some of my peeps about Mercy's Refuge.

    1. Wow Amy, thanks! I'd love to! I'll be in touch!


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